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Video Feature             Fr. Kapaun, chaplain         “…He descended into hell”

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From the Pastor, Sept 28

Dear Parishioners,I recently came across an article on the web by a Deacon entitled: Seven Vices of Sporting Events.  Deacon Ed Looney is from the Green Bay Diocese and an avid Packer fan. The seven listed are:

Pride – when it turns into cockiness

Drunkenness – when one’s judgment is hampered

Crudeness – with four letter words

Anger – when one team loses

Impurity – when one’s dress is inappropriate including cheerleaders

Profanation of the Sabbath – when the field becomes a basilica

Lack of Stewardship – when one spends  beyond one’s means ($ and time)

Could one not also give seven positives, like – team work, sense of skill, family fun, leisure time, fulfilling a dream, etc.  What do you think?  Get feedback from family and friends… Father Frank

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