Parish Records

Beginning April 1st and until Pentecost in May, we will be updating our parish records for our current parishioners at St. Bernard Parish. Why?–With the unmerging of parishes, our current records and contact information are outdated. We will begin with those who reside in the parish boundaries and to whom the pastor is assigned to the church to serve. Catholics (individuals and families) residing on the streets between E. North St. in the north to Exchange Street in the south, and then between Bowery and Main Streets in the west to Rt. 8 in the east are by their downtown Akron residence the sole responsibility of the pastor of St. Bernard.

We will also be asking those many Catholics in the Akron area who for years have considered St. Bernard their parish and place of worship to update your records. You know who you are because you are here every week at Mass, your records are already with us, your mug is in our latest photo directories, you are known by your relationship with other parishioners in this community, and most importantly, you are or have been involved in the ministries, support, and mission of this parish for years. Even if you reside in another parish, we will do what we can to respond to your spiritual and family needs if we have your correct contact information.

We will also welcome new individuals and families even if you reside elsewhere. Your request for membership will be considered, however you may not be a member of this parish and another parish simultaneously. We invite you to make a commitment to worship with us weekly, support the community, and become involved in the volunteer ministries offered.

Parishioner Forms will be available after Easter and can be returned through the mail, the collection basket at Mass, or brought to the Office by Pentecost – May 19.

If you have a concern or questions please call the Parish Office 330-253-5161, or email:


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