Interested in becoming Catholic?


In this Advent Season, the St. Bernard Parish Community welcomed and accepted into the Order of Catechumens, Garrett Anderson.  Along with his sponsor and the RCIA team, Garrett will come to know more the life of Jesus Christ.  Signed with his cross and anointed with the Oil of Catechumens, he will be strengthened by God to know Christ’s teachings and how Christ’s death and resurrection opened the way for our salvation from sin and death.

In this time of being a Catechumen, Garret shares a special relationship with the Church until he is called forward for the Sacrament of Baptism.  Please pray for him, introduce yourself, share your story of faith, and listen to his if you have the chance.  God has sent him to us to grow in the knowledge, service, and love of Jesus Christ.


You are welcome to explore the fullness of the Christian faith with us in the Catholic Church.  Whether you have been a baptized Christian in another Community and the Lord is leading you into the Catholic Church, or whether you have never been baptized but sense a desire or a call to know more about Jesus Christ – We welcome you.

We encourage you to call our office so we can answer any immediate questions and direct you to the appropriate preparation process for your Initiation.  Our office phone is: 330-253-5161, or, email us at:  Someone will contact you.

For those who have never been baptized the Initiation process is a one-to-two year preparation with other interested persons.  For those coming to us from another Christian Community the Initiation process is individual and varies in content and length of time.

Finally, it must be said that what is crucial to your new life in Christ is practicing your faith with a parish community conveniently located in your area. Many inquirers, like yourself, may not know that other Catholic parishes have the same Initiation Programs as St. Bernard.  Your ability to practice your faith and be supported in it, as well as build up the faith Community with fellow Catholics in your neighborhood is crucial to being a Catholic.  For convenience sake, we encourage you to contact your local Catholic parish as well. Call us if you do not know the parish in which you reside and we can provide their contact information.

Again, our office phone is: 330-253-5161, or, email us at: and we can answer any questions or direct you to someone who can.

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