5 Ways to stay spiritually awake this Advent

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1. ADORATION before the Blessed Sacrament is available at St. Bernard in the Chapel off the lower parking lot.  Spending time in silence (even just 5 minutes) in the Presence of Christ in the Eucharist is an opportunity for many graces.  He is waiting for you!

2. Make A GOOD CONFESSION of sin.  Yes, Jesus’ message to all is to “Repent”.  We don’t have to wait until Lent or until our child is making their First Confession.  Today is the day and the proper hour to turn from sin and walk more closely with God.  An excellent way to prepare for Christmas Day, and more so, for the Day Christ Returns.

3. FORMED.ORG – Catholicism on Demand
An Online Faith Formation Program for YOU!
Un programa de formación en la Fe Católica por internet para USTED!
It’s here!  It’s for you!  It’s absolutely FREE!  Beginning Today anyone in our St. Bernard Community will now have access to Catholic Movies, eBooks, Talks, Study programs, Scripture and Church Teachings, and more at your fingertips – computer, smartphone, tablet, etc. – wherever you have internet access.  And it’s not just for Lent.  Simply follow these instructions: Go to www.Formed.org; Click “Register”; enter our case sensitive parish code – 678GQQ.  Register your name and address and create a Username and Password.  GO to your email and VERIFY your registration, then “Login” any time with your Username and Password.

4. Not internet savvy – Check out our LIGHTHOUSE MEDIA DISPLAY in the church.  There you will find CDs and Books that can teach and inspire people about God and our Catholic Faith.  CDs are $3 and Books are $5, or whatever you can afford to help cover the cost.  If you can’t find it on the display, find some DAILY REFLECTION BOOKLET for this Advent Season.

5. Attend a STUDY/PRAYER GROUP either here at St. Bernard or another parish event.  Check our parish bulletin each week for announcements of events, such as:  Lumen Gentium, Theology on the Rocks, or Theology on Tap, Sacred Music Presentations, etc.  All of them are intended to lift your spirit.



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