From the Pastor

Dear Community of St. Bernard,

We invite you to join with St. Mary Parish for our Lenten Mission conducted by Franciscan Father Albert Haase on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday Evenings (February 19-21) at 7:00pm in St. Bernard church.  Everyone is welcome to attend.  We make room for anyone looking for spiritual input, renewal, and the opportunity to make the best Lent ever.  No reservations are needed.  Parking is available in the church lot and West Campus Parking Garage.  Yes…free.

Hay retiro cuaresmal el 4 de febrero despues la Misa a las 12:00 conducida por la Hma. Johanna de la Comunidad Dominicana.  Este evento es para toda la familia.  Reservaciones no son requeridas.  Ven y sean renovados en Cristo.

Lent begins this year on February 14 with the Distribution of Blessed Ashes.  It is NOT a Holy Day of Obligation, but many Catholics choose to begin this Penitential Season by attending the Daily Mass.  Some even go to Mass throughout the Lenten Season as a means of spiritual sacrifice and renewal.  Whatever you are thinking of doing for Lent consider that if it is worth giving up for Lent or doing for Lent, that it might be worth doing year round.

On Ash Wednesday, February 14, blessed ashes will be distributed at the following:
8:45am – Scripture Prayer Service with School children in St. Mary church
9:30am – Scripture Prayer Service in St. Bernard church
12:00pm – Ecumenical Prayer Service in Children’s Hospital Chapel
12:10pm – Daily Mass in St. Bernard church
7:00pm – Daily Mass in St. Mary church

God bless you,
Fr. Dan

2 thoughts on “From the Pastor

  1. Father Dan, I am very excited to attend the Lenten Mission with Father Albert. Thank you for providing this opportunity for spiritual renewal and growth to those outside your parish.

    Laurie Jendrisak
    Blessed Trinity Parish, North Hill

  2. I’m currently attending Fr. Albert’ s mission at St. Rita parish in Solon. Phenomenal! Probably one of the best missions I’ve been to. Great speaker. If my schedule allows, I may see him again at St. Bernard, my parish during college. Please make time to see him. You won’t be disappointed.

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