The Teague Family

In recent weeks many people in other states and countries have been devastated and uprooted by natural disasters, such as Hurricanes Harvey and Irma and Maria.  We see in the news of the hundreds of lives lost by an earthquake in Mexico.

A week or so ago I baptized the eighth child of young couple I’ve known for years from Wooster, Ohio.  A few days later they called to tell me their house was on fire.  (I had only left it a few hours earlier.)  By the grace of God the mom, who you can imagine does not get much sleep with a one month old baby, heard the smoke detector alarm.  She woke everyone, and both parents were able to get everyone out of the house, including the dog, before it was destroyed by the fire.  Although grateful to God no one was hurt, they lost everything but the clothes on their backs!

Some at St. Bernard have asked how they could help.  THANK YOU!

Their friends have created a website listing ages and sizes of clothes. You can find it at:       And, if you would care to help with financial assistance, make your check or money order out to: Phillip/Mindy Teague (NO Cash, please).  Get it to me here at the parish and I’ll see that they receive it:

The Teague Family
c/o Fr. Daniel J. Reed
44 University Ave.
Akron, OH 44308

I know they will want to thank you, so please add your name and address. I thank you too.       Fr. Dan


Have you ever considered being part of a Catholic Men’s organization?  Men who are followers of Jesus Christ through prayer and charitable works.  Then consider this world wide organization known as the K of C.  They meet here at St. Bernard monthly and can be reach via the parish office for more information.  Also, you will find pamphlets on the Kiosk at the church front entrance.


Once again will gather on Wednesdays at 6:30pm for a free dinner and social hour.  Let’s support one another as RooCatholics: learn about events at the University, grow in faith with input from guest speakers, celebrate the Sacraments of Christ’s grace, and much more.


With the latest papal instruction regarding the care of a deceased loved one’s ashes, we ask families to have their funeral director contact the church when burial arrangements have been made.  If you are not working with a funeral home, please contact a cemetery directly to make arrangements.  Questions may be directed a specific cemetery or to:
Holy Cross Cemetery Office
100 E. Waterloo, Akron
216-641-7575 ext. 7

ST. BERNARD CHURCH ORGAN FUND – WE have begun the restoration of our 111-year old pipe organ.  Schantz Organ Company of Orrville, Ohio has been contracted for the work, as they were in 1905 to build our pipe organ.  We hope to raise the final $40,000 needed to complete the project by Christmas, 2017.  If you wish to dedicate an organ pipe or help in any financial way, please send a check to St. Bernard Memorial Trust, memo line: organ fund, along with the name of the person you want inscribed in our Book of Dedication. Your gift will last a life-time.

HELP THE NEEDY who come to our Doors
Our Pantry and Lunch Hunger programs would appreciate any of the following from the wish list:
Paper grocery bags (no newspaper bags)
Plastic grocery bags
Travel Size: soap, razors, shampoo, toothbrush

Please drop your donation off at the parish office during office hours or in the wooden box in the church lobby.



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