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If you are looking for an Akron Catholic Church, St. Bernard Parish is a wonderful choice to come and pray and get involved.  This Catholic Community in the Diocese of Cleveland serves the dowtown Akron area.  It is known throughout northeast Ohio as the Catholic Church which offers the most outreach in areas of social justice; however it is often in collaboration with other local parishes and congregations that this ministry occurs.

The parish is strong because of the vibrant faith of its parishioners, their devotion to Christ in the Eucharist, and their concern for people who are simply seeking food:  food for the body through our hunger programs, for the mind through Catholic Education for faith development, and for the soul through the Sacramental and prayer life of the Church.

In addition, this amazing Akron Catholic Church built a beautiful church building in 1905. It has a romanesque architecture typical of churches during this period.  It is used for civic prayer events and seasonal concerts of sacred music.  Please click on our Photo Gallery.

The parish is located near the University of Akron, which makes it the ideal Akron Catholic Church for students and faculty of the school.  Visit the UA Newman Center in our parish office building and meet the Catholic chaplain and student-led Newman team.

The clergy and Pastoral Staff are committed to serve this Akron Catholic Church.  And hope you will join us in the work and mission of Jesus Christ in this central part of the city.

One thought on “About our Parish Community

  1. My Name is Rudy Stagl, President of the German Family Society of Akron, located in Brimfield OH. I’m currently President of our club.
    Our club will celebrate it’s 60th Anniversary in May this year. The GFS came into existence forming in 1955 named St. Bernards German Club. These were the Immigrants post World War II and c oming to the USA, many losing their homelands in South Eastern Europe but of German Descent, After the war they fled to countries such as Austria and back to Germany by the millions to escape Communism and Work Camps.
    We were considered Donauschwaben or Danube Swabiens.
    The Catholic Church and in particular, Father Wolff from your Parish, a Donauschwaben as well, Assisted many of the German people that settled into the Akron Area.
    Father Wolff helped them form their organization and allowed them to use the basement of your church for several years from 1955 through 1960. AT which point we moved to Grant Street and joined up with the German American Club. We continued there until 1973 then moved to our current location in Brimfield.

    I’m trying to gather a photo of Father Wolff for our Anniversary book and I’d like if possible to get an older photo of your church if available. I could take a current photo but if an old one existed, that would be great.
    The Catholic Church did a lot for our people, sponsoring them to the US from the displacement camps of Austria as with my parents. I have contacted Bishop Lennon I might ask for a letter from t hem regarding the History of the Catholic Church in the USA and how they came to assist so many immigrants. I would love to have a letter from your Church as well.
    I was Born here in Akron, My parents both met in Akron and were married at your church in 1955 as well. I’m the first American born President of our club.
    My cell phone is 330.554.1100 and I would be happy to stop in to further discuss this but we really appreciate what your organization and Father Wolff did for our families.
    Thank You

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