From the Pastor

Dear Community of St. Bernard,

The week we mark two events: one civic and one religious.  Both call for unity.

The civic event is the annual holiday commemorating the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  He was a voice calling out for justice in our nation for and among all races.  He sought harmony without resorting to violence, yet it was a violent act that took his life.  The dream where “all God’s children” are united in peace continues to be a dream that we can bring to fruition by our actions.

The religious event is the annual Octave of Prayer for Christian Unity.  Jesus was born and manifested as Savior for all peoples.  As Christians we strive to be united in Him by the gift of faith given us, though we suffer from the divisions regarding His teachings. We pray that Jesus who is the Truth, and gave the Holy Spirit to guide us, will lead us back to that unity of beliefs.

Finally, we have an opportunity to bring the two events together this Friday, January 20th, Inauguration Day.  After bitter and divisive election campaigns.  We can pray this week for the next President of the United States, Mr. Donald Trump, and for all who will lead us.  May they accept the responsibility to work for unity through peaceful means that bring healing to our nation and in the world.

Never forget: the Kingdom of God has begun – God is with us!

Fr. Dan


Church Organ Fund

Dear Friends of St. Bernard,

In fall 2012, we began an all-out-effort to restore and expand our 110-year-old church organ. The last major restoration had been 60 years ago. 

We are happy to announce that we are over the half-way mark in our goal.  To date we have raised $212,078 toward our goal of $350,210.  Our thanks to 58 donors who since January 1st  of 2016 have dedicated pipes to refurbish our organ.  Read below:

Church Organ Fund

Please consider a donation to our church organ fund.  The purpose of this church is to worship God.  Your help to restore our church organ is an investment into the very reason we are here, namely to give glory to God.  Here are ways to contribute:

In memory of a loved one(s):
$100.00 per pipe or
$6,000 for a rank of 61 pipes (over 24 months)

over a 12 month period
$1,200.00 or more by an individual, family or group

Make checks payable to: St. Bernard Memorial Trust

People have paid to have their name on a brick. People have paid to have a star in the heavens named after them. We are asking people to consider purchasing an organ pipe on the St. Bernard Church Organ. Believing we can accomplish this task to enhance our worship of God, we ask people to consider dedicating or naming a pipe for someone at the cost of $100.00 for each pipe named. Names will be inscribed in a Leather-bound Registry when our financial goal is reached. Or, for the purchase of a rank of 61 pipes for $6,000.00 whereby a memorial plaque will be affixed to the restored church organ  

Any donation is welcome.  You will find orange donation envelopes in the lobby of the church by the pipe organ display. Please make checks payable to:  St. Bernard Memorial Trust and provide the name of the person for whom you are dedicating the organ pipe. Place the envelope in the regular collection at Mass or bring it to the parish office. Thank you.

For the Glory of God, Fr. Dan

Blessed Sacrament Chapel


THE BLESSED SACRAMENT CHAPEL –  Is available Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm for anyone to make a visit before the Lord in the Eucharist.  This time of quiet prayer in the heart of downtown Akron is a blessing to many.

At any time of the year, but especially this week when we celebrate the Feast of His Body and Blood, you are invited to spend a few minutes or an hour with Him.

For your comfort a washroom is available and security cameras are in the chapel.  If for some reason the lower entry door is locked please come to the parish office for access.