From the Pastor

Dear Community of St. Bernard,

Blessings on your Advent Season!  As we enter a new liturgical year of actively waiting for the Lord’s return, we will gather each Sunday to hear the Gospel of St. Mark, break the Bread and share the Chalice.  The night before Jesus died for us he asked his disciples to remember him by taking and eating – and – taking and drinking.  If you have been away from Christ and his Church we welcome you to join us in prayer during this special time of the year.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation will be celebrated this Wednesday, December 6 from 5:00pm – 8:00pm in St. Bernard, St. Sebastian, and St. Vincent Parishes.  The best preparation for this Season is turning from sin and being reconciled with God.  Consider this opportunity on Dec. 6, or any Saturday from 3:00-4:00pm at St. Bernard.

This week Schantz Organ Company completed the installation of our restored pipe organ.  Look up to see how the pipes are now placed in the loft to enhance the stained glass window of St. Cecilia, patroness of liturgical music, and to allow more sunlight in.  Over the next few weeks the pipes will be tuned with our new three-manual console (2017 edition).   Everything should be in perfect pitch by the time we gather on January 21, 2018 at 3:00pm to bless the organ and hear what it can do in a free organ recital.  Save the date.

Our Giving Trees are in the church.  Please take an ornament for Akron Pregnancy Center (Green) and/or St. Bernard Hunger Program (Beige).  Follow the instructions and return your gift to the tree by December 17th.  Thank you for helping a parent bring a child into the world – and/or – clothing one of our Hunger Program Guests for the winter.

Peace and Good,
Fr. Dan

Pipe Organ Fund and Recital

Dear Friends of St. Bernard,

In fall 2012, we began an all-out-effort to restore and expand our 112-year-old church pipe organ. The last major restoration had been over 60 years ago. 

The Schantz Organ Company of Orrville, Ohio built our pipe organ and installed it in 1905.  We are happy and fortunate to have the original creator of this beautiful instrument restore it to its original voice.  On November 13 their construction team returned to our choir loft to begin the installation.  We plan to have the restored pipe organ in service by Christmas, 2017.  We have set a date for its re-dedication with a Prayer Service and Organ Recital on Sunday, January 21, 2018 at 3:00pm.  We are deeply appreciative to our many donors who have made this possible.

You can see the progress they are making on the restoration at the following website:

This restoration work by Schantz will provide us with another 70-80 years of liturgical music. 

We are still accepting any size donation to meet our over all goal of restoring this first-class instrument to its beauty when Fr. Broun had it installed in 1905.  Please make checks payable to the St. Bernard Organ Fund.

For the Glory of God,

Fr. Dan

Blessed Sacrament Chapel


THE BLESSED SACRAMENT CHAPEL –  Is available Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm for anyone to make a visit before the Lord in the Eucharist.  This time of quiet prayer in the heart of downtown Akron is a blessing to many.

At any time of the year, but especially this week when we celebrate the Feast of His Body and Blood, you are invited to spend a few minutes or an hour with Him.

For your comfort a washroom is available and security cameras are in the chapel.  If for some reason the lower entry door is locked please come to the parish office for access.