Diaper Sunday

DIAPER SUNDAY – August 1 & 2

We will be collecting diapers for the Pregancy Center. This is our only request for the summer. Thank you for your generosity… Respect Life Committee


This same weekend we will be participating in the annual Mission Cooperative Plan by welcoming a missionary from the diocese of Juticalpa in Honduras. He will be asking for financial assistance and prayers to help one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere.

Comunidad Hispana

CARIDADES CATÓLICAS – invita a los papás, mamás, a los jovencitos y jovencitas, para seis sesiones de Padres Activos y Jóvenes de Hoy, que se llevaran acabo en 812 Biruta St. Akron. Los sábados 8 y 22de agosto, Sept. 12, Oct. 10 y 31, y Nov. 14, de 10:00 am a 12 del día. Todos están bienvenidos. Más información llamar a Isaida Navarro 330-472-0356o 3302535161


CAPACITARSabado, 25 de julio, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM en el Zoologico de Akron. Ninos están bienvenidos. Transporte del estacionamiento por carrito de golfo al Nature’s View Room por un tiempo de oración, reflexión, y amistad desde las 10:00 AM hasta la 1:00. Por favor traigan su propio almuerzo y refresco. Registracion esta limitade. Boletos gratis después de la Misa, o en la oficina por esta semana.

La próxima sesión es el sábado 29 de agosto de 9:00 a 3:00 pm. El tema de esta sesión será: “Como hacer un botiquín de primeros auxilios”. También se incluye tiempo para meditar, orar y hacer ejercicios. Todas las mujeres están invitadas. Más información llamar a la oficina 330-253-5161.


PEREGRINACIONES DIOCESANAS – Por el Año de la Vida Consagrada. Participar con otros miembros de la Comunidad de St. Bernard a viajar en peregrinación a esas casas religiosas. Saldremos en caravana desde St. Bernardo. El 26 de julio, iremos a visitar a los Frailes Capuchinos Franciscanos, 8:30 am, con la misa allá a las 10:00am. Más información a 330-253-5161 o visite el www.churchvocations.com.


Capacitar (Empowerment): Saturday, July 25, 9:00-5:00 at the Akron Zoo. Ladies bring your children. Golf cart transport from the Zoo parking lot to the Nature’s View Room for prayer, reflection, and fellowship from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Please bring a bag lunch ( or lunch later at the Zoo). Registration limited. FREE tickets available after the 1 PM Mass today, July 19 or in the office this week.

The Fest

THE FEST – On Sunday, August 9, from 12 noon until 10 pm for a day of faith–family–and fun. Held on the grounds of the Seminary in Wickliffe. The FEST concludes with an outdoor Mass at 8 pm. For more information, go to: www.theFEST.us.

GIFT of the Parish

GIFTGrowing In Faith Today is a “gift” the parish will provide for the Community to learn more about their faith and deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ.   Here are some upcoming GIFT opportunities:


CONSOLING THE HEART OF JESUS – A book retreat by Fr. Michael Gaitely. Beginning on Thursdays, August 20 to Oct. 29.


COME FOLLOW ME – A DVD series by Fr. Albert Haase, OFM, highlighting 6 Religious Orders.


THE BIBLETIME LINE – A DVD series with Jeff Cavins on the 14 Books that will keep your attention!


LAUDATO, SI – Pope Francis’ Encyclical on caring for Creation; find it online and begin reading.


ALATARATION – Five brief DVD Presentations on the meaning of the Mass for people of all ages.

Rubber Ducks Game

  1. BERNARD + K of C + RUBBER DUCKS – A fun family night for baseball at Canal Park on Saturday, July 25. Come for 4:30 Mass, stay for a picnic supper, and walk to the 7:05 game. Tickets with picnic and free parking pass – $10 ea. Call the parish office 330-253-5161 to hold a ticket & pass.


St. Bernard Road Trip / Ayudanos

   Saint Bernard…





WHERE? 11 hours; 715 miles from Akron, OH to




Memphis, TN


                        An all-expense paid, three-day,

                        two nights Road Trip to Memphis

                        where Rock n’ Soul came together.


WHY? Really? Do we need a reason? Okay, then…to get a pipe organ that can be used to restore our current one at St. Bernard.


WHO? Three to four able-bodied men to drive down, load up the next day, then drive back the next. And another team of three or four people to help unload when we get back to Akron.


HOW? Dates are yet to be determined, but let Fr. Dan know if you would be able by calling the parish office at 330-253-5161 and leaving your name and phone.



AYUDANOS – Hombres! Vámonos a Memphis, TN para recoger un órgano para la iglesia. Llame al Padre Daniel si este disponible por tres días. Gratis.

Summer Volunteers


Can you donate 2-3 hours in one of the following parish ministries? Call the parish office, leave your name and phone, we’ll get back to you. Thanks!


1)      Design a Web Page for St. Mary School (anytime)


2)      Distribute a cup of coffee and a bagged lunch to the needy (1 morning 7:30 – 9:30)


3) Paint walls and woodwork for new parish meeting rooms. Anytime.



Favor de ayudar a tu iglesia este verano. Puedes darnos 2-3 horas?


1)      Diseñar un Webpage para St. Mary School (anytime)


2)      Distribuir una taza de café y almuerzo a los necesitados (1 mañana 7:30-9:30 L-V)


3)      Pintar paredes en cuartos para tener más espacio para reuniones en la parroquia. (cualquier hora)

Comunidad Hispana

EREGRINACIONES DIOCESANAS – Todos están invitados a participar de las 4 peregrinaciones.

  1. Visite, cualquiera de las casas religiosas y centros de ministerio y reciba su “Pilgrim Passport”. Viaje a otros lugares para tener su pasaporte sellado. 2. Complete su viaje en La Catedral de San Juan Evangelista. 3. Los que traen un pasaporte totalmente sellado a la catedral después de cualquier liturgia dominical, recibirá un conmemorativo del Año de la vida Consagrada. (Nota: la visita a 3 o más sitios concede un pasaporte totalmente sellado). Saldremosen caravana a las 2pm, desde St. Bernardo. El domingo 14 de junio, se visitará a las Hermanas de la Caridad de San Agustín, el 12 de julio, se visitará a las Hermanas Dominicanas de la Paz y el 26 de julio, iremos a visitar a los Frailes Capuchinos Franciscanos, 8:30 am, con la misa a las 10:00am., la cuarta iremos a la Catedral de San Juan, no hay fecha todavía para esta visita pero la daremos a conocer más adelante. Más información a 330-253-5161 o visite el www.churchvocations.com

CAPACITARLa segunda sesión es el sábado 27 de junio de 9:00 a 3:00 pm. El tema de esta sesión es La cocina Peruana. También se incluye tiempo para meditar, orar y hacer ejercicios. Todas las mujeres de nuestra comunidad están invitadas. Más información llame a la oficina 330-253-5161.


CENÁCULO DE LA DIVINA MISERICORDIA – Hoy 14 de junio, todos están invitados de 3:00 a 4:00 pm. Salón Historico. Más información 330-762-1959 Manena Vidlak


FOTOS de PRIMERA COMUNION – Padres pueden conseguir las fotos de su hijo/a en el día de la Primera Comunión. Fotos están en la sacristía localizada al izquierda del santuario en la iglesia.

Faith Enrichment Events

CONSOLING THE HEART OF JESUS – A book retreat offered at St. Bernard as a continuation of the previous book retreat to “Morning Glory” by Fr. Michael Gaitely. A morning group during the summer and an evening group in the fall. Please call the parish office to register for either session.


DIOCESAN PILGRIMAGE – for the Year of Consecrated Life. Join other parishioners as they journey to pray at these 3 Convents or Monasteries:

TODAY June 14 – Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine (Richfield, Ohio – Community of Sr. Catherine Walsh, CSA of the Catholic Worker) leave from St. Bernard Parking Lot at 2:00pm.

July 12 – Dominican Sisters of Peace (Akron – Community of Religious who taught at St. Bernard School) leave from St. Bernard Parking at 2:00pm.

July 26 – Capuchin Franciscans Friars (E. 40 and Euclid Avenue in Cleveland) leave from St. Bernard Parking Lot at 8:30am and Mass there at 10:00am.

More info at the parish office 330-253-5161.


YOUNG ADULTSLooking for social, spiritual and service activities geared towards young adults? Check out NE Ohio Catholic Young Adults at http://www.meetup.com/Northeast-Ohio-Catholic -Young-Adults. It’s free to join and the online interactive calendar is easy to use! If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Sullivan at groundsforfatih@yahoo.com or call 330-217-1064.

ENDOW - (Educating on the Nature and Dignity of Women) is a Catholic educational program which brings women of all ages together to discover their God-given dignity and gifts through the richness and authenticity of Catholic teaching. Take advantage of this opportunity to grow in understanding of your God-given vocation. We engage in prayer, Scripture reading and Church documents, as well as, various fun-filled activities. When we as women grow in understanding the teachings of the Church and in the truth of Jesus Christ, our faith becomes more fully defined, and so does our transforming influence in the family, our community and society as a whole. An invitation is extended to girls and women (8th grade and older) to join us at St. Joseph Church (Nolan Hall), 1761 2nd Street, Cuyahoga Falls beginning on June 30th and continuing for 6 weeks from 7:00 to 9:00 pm. No homework is required! Materials are $19.95. To learn more or to register, please call Michele Schmidt at 313-319-1188.


                         Other Area Events


HOBAN SUMMER CAMPS – Archbishop Hoban High School offers one-week summer enrichment or athletic camps for students entering 7th and 8th grades. Visit www.hoban.org for more information, to register for a camp, or obtain phone contacts.


THE FEST – On Sunday, August 9, from 12 noon until 10 pm for a day of faith – family – and fun – displays. Held on the grounds of the Center for Pastoral Leadership in Wickliffe. The FEST concludes with an inspiring outdoor Mass at 8 pm. For more information, go to: www.theFEST.us.


LOYOLA RETREAT – Position Available- Part-time Cook at Loyola Retreat House, 700 Killinger Road, Clinton, OH 44216. Please call 330-896-2315 Monday-Friday, 8:30am to 4:00pm. You may email your resume to loyolaretreat@aol.com.

St. Bernard Parish News

JUNE28 SECOND COLLECTION–The Peter’s pence for Pope Francis’ Aid to the poor. If you wish to donate earlier: Make checks payable to: St. Bernard Parish; with “Pence” on the memo line.


June 15 – August 15

Parish Office is Open 8:30am – 1:30pm

Monday – Friday

9:30 – 11:30am on Sundays



  • Email St.Bernard.praychain@gmail.com with their prayer request
  • Calling prayer team at 234-738-2473


For our infirmed: Bill Williams, Jamie Kapes, Mabel Richards, Florentino Martínez, John Regan, Ruth Evans, Mike Jenkins, Jorge Prado, Salvador Jiménez, Tom/Marilyn Maximovich, Rosalia Duran, Marilu Morales.


NEO-CATECHUMENATE – Anyone who came to a Talk during Lent (one talk or more) is invited to meet again with the Team this Sunday, June 14 at 2:00pm in the Upper Room.


CENACLE of DIVINE MERCY – All are invited to our Cenacle Gathering this Sunday, June 14 from 3:00 to 4:30pm in the History Room. Manena Vidlak 330-762-1959. No reservations needed.


EMPOWER – Want to cook an authentic Latin Dish? Come be empowered! On Saturday, June 27 at 11:00am in our Social Hall Kitchen.   Parishioner, Gladys Apaestegui, will teach you. No need to register, just come on down. Questions? Call the parish office at 330-253-5161.


  1. BERNARD + RUBBER DUCKS – A fun family night for baseball at Canal Park on Saturday, July 25 at 7:05pm. Co-sponsored by our Knights of Columbus. Discount Tickets with a free parking pass are available at the parish office 330-253-5161.



Parking Lot Entrance – Welcome! There is an ENTER Gate and an EXIT Gate to the parish parking lot. If the Enter Gate is down during office hours, press the CALL BUTTON, a staff person will respond, identify yourself, and the gate will be opened for you. The Exit Gate automatically goes up when you approach it in your car to leave the parking lot.

Parking on the sidewalks is subject to towing.

FIRST COMMUNION PICTURES – Parents of our 2015 First Communicants can pick up their photos in the Sacristy before/after Mass.


WEDDINGS – Congratulations to the following couples who have been involved in our parish and plan to marry during the summer months:


Rob DiVencenso and Karissa Kainrad

Anthony Fleming and Meriah Tisch

Clinton Metzger and Brittany Trout

Derek Taffe and Emma Coulter

Ralph Smoyer and Antonie White

Kevin Klemm and Angela Antinone


Say a prayer for these couples, and for all couples celebrating significant anniversaries in 2015.