Upcoming Events

Blessing of St. Blase
Saturday, February 3 after 4:30 Mass –  The Blessing of Throats will be prayed for those requesting the intercession of St. Blase, Bishop and Martyr, for healing and protection of throat illnesses.

Retiro Parroquial
Sunday, February 4 from 12:00pm – 6:00pm – Sr. Johanna, O.P. will lead a pre-Lenten retreat for those in the parish who speak Spanish.  La monja de Nashville, TN va a presentar un retiro a la comunidad que hable espanol.  Todos estan invitados.

Formacion Basica
Saturday, February 10 at 2:00pm – The second class on Basic Formation of leadership in the parish.  La primera clase de Formacion Basica de los lideres en la parroquia.  Todos estan invitados.

Pastoral Council
Meets on Feb. 13 – a Tuesday – this month only.  Then back to the second Monday of the month at the same time, 6:30pm in the Parish House.

Ash Wednesday/Miercoles de Cenizas
Please check the home page header for the Distribution of Ashes at various times and locations on this day.

Parish Lenten Mission
Our Lenten Mission with St. Mary Parish begins Monday, Feb. 19 at 7:00pm in St. Bernard church. You are welcome to join us tonight and the following two consecutive nights. Our Lenten preacher is the Franciscan priest and preacher, Fr. Albert Haase, OFM. All are invited to attend.

Presidents’ Day
Due to the number of people who work on this Federal Holiday, the Daily Mass is at its regular time: 12:10pm.



Have you ever considered being part of a Catholic Men’s organization?  Men who are followers of Jesus Christ through prayer and charitable works.  Then consider this world wide organization known as the K of C.  They meet here at St. Bernard monthly and can be reach via the parish office for more information.  Also, you will find pamphlets on the Kiosk at the church front entrance.

Once again will gather on Wednesdays at 6:30pm for a free dinner and social hour.  Let’s support one another as RooCatholics: learn about events at the University, grow in faith with input from guest speakers, celebrate the Sacraments of Christ’s grace, and much more.

With the latest papal instruction regarding the care of a deceased loved one’s ashes, we ask families to have their funeral director contact the church when burial arrangements have been made.  If you are not working with a funeral home, please contact a cemetery directly to make arrangements.  Questions may be directed a specific cemetery or to:
Holy Cross Cemetery Office
100 E. Waterloo, Akron
216-641-7575 ext. 7

HELP THE NEEDY who come to our Doors
Our Hot Meal Program would appreciate any of the following from their wish list:
Paper grocery bags (no newspaper bags)
Plastic grocery bags
Winter socks
Travel Size: soap, razors, shampoo, toothbrush

Please drop your donation off at the parish office during office hours or in the wooden box in the church lobby.

Newman Center – RooCatholic


All UA Students are invited to be with us at 6:30 pm on Wednesdays for a free dinner in the Newman Center located on the top floor of the Parish Office Building.

Watch for upcoming presentations and events for WEDNESAYS with RooCatholic:

January 14, 2018 – Student Return for Spring

February 14 – Ash Wednesday – Mass in the Student Union with the distribution of ashes
Lent begins today: Fast between meals and Abstain from meat

February 18-21 – St. Bernard Parish Mission – 7:00pm – Students are encouraged to attend

March 29 – Newman Center is closed for UA Spring Break

April 1 – Easter Sunday

May ?? – End of the Year Party and Graduate’s Farewell

Check for latest and upcoming Newman activities in the parish bulletin, or at their website: roocatholic.com

Blessed Sacrament Chapel

We now provide a quiet, reverent and secure place for private prayer before Our Lord Jesus in the Eucharist.  You are welcome to stop for prayer, adoration, and reflection.

We strongly encourage making time this week as students are returning to classrooms. They certainly could benefit from our prayers and example.  Always remember to give thanks that the Lord “has made you worthy to be in his presence and to minister to him” (Eucharistic Prayer II).

Perpetual Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament is held each day in the former convent chapel and entry is off the lower parking lot or through the parish offices.  Look for the door marked “Blessed Sacrament Chapel”.  Please respect this sacred space by not carrying on conversations or reading non-religious materials in the chapel.

The Heart of Christ in the Heart of Akron.  He waits for you.


Need prayers, food, a spiritual life? We can help

Interested in becoming Catholic?

If you seek a more meaningful Life in the Way of Jesus Christ and the Truth he taught about God and us, call us for information on how to be a disciple with us in the Catholic Church.

Expecting a child? Need help?

Contact us so we can direct you for assistance,
or call confidentially 1-800-712-(HELP)4357.

Prayers? Have a request?

Call our prayer line at: 234-738-2473 or Email us at: st.bernard.prayerchain@gmail.com

Food? In need or want to help?

Contact us for free meal times, to volunteer or to donate to our Hunger Ministry to the needy.

Interested in becoming Catholic?


In this Advent Season, the St. Bernard Parish Community welcomed and accepted into the Order of Catechumens, Garrett Anderson.  Along with his sponsor and the RCIA team, Garrett will come to know more the life of Jesus Christ.  Signed with his cross and anointed with the Oil of Catechumens, he will be strengthened by God to know Christ’s teachings and how Christ’s death and resurrection opened the way for our salvation from sin and death.

In this time of being a Catechumen, Garret shares a special relationship with the Church until he is called forward for the Sacrament of Baptism.  Please pray for him, introduce yourself, share your story of faith, and listen to his if you have the chance.  God has sent him to us to grow in the knowledge, service, and love of Jesus Christ.


You are welcome to explore the fullness of the Christian faith with us in the Catholic Church.  Whether you have been a baptized Christian in another Community and the Lord is leading you into the Catholic Church, or whether you have never been baptized but sense a desire or a call to know more about Jesus Christ – We welcome you.

We encourage you to call our office so we can answer any immediate questions and direct you to the appropriate preparation process for your Initiation.  Our office phone is: 330-253-5161, or, email us at: info@stbernardstmary.org.  Someone will contact you.

For those who have never been baptized the Initiation process is a one-to-two year preparation with other interested persons.  For those coming to us from another Christian Community the Initiation process is individual and varies in content and length of time.

Finally, it must be said that what is crucial to your new life in Christ is practicing your faith with a parish community conveniently located in your area. Many inquirers, like yourself, may not know that other Catholic parishes have the same Initiation Programs as St. Bernard.  Your ability to practice your faith and be supported in it, as well as build up the faith Community with fellow Catholics in your neighborhood is crucial to being a Catholic.  For convenience sake, we encourage you to contact your local Catholic parish as well. Call us if you do not know the parish in which you reside and we can provide their contact information.

Again, our office phone is: 330-253-5161, or, email us at: info@stbernardstmary.org and we can answer any questions or direct you to someone who can.

Help the Homeless

HELP the HOMELESS – We are in need of hats, gloves, socks and travel toiletries for the homeless; place them in the DROP-OFF BOX located at the front church doors. Also any gently-used blankets.

First Confession, Communion, and Confirmation

FIRST CONFESSION AND FIRST COMMUNION – If your child is age 7 or older, they may be prepared to receive the Sacraments of Confession and Communion for the first time. Call the parish office at 330-253-5161 to register your child for the Fall Session.

CONFIRMATION – Any High School student or older adult can be prepare for the Sacrament of Confirmation. This Sacrament completes your initiation into the Church, and is required to be a Godparent or Sponsor for another Catholic. Bishop Lennon will celebrate Confirmation here on February 6, 2016. Contact the parish office to register.

HIGH SCHOOL PSR – will continue after the 9:30am Sunday Mass in the Social Hall. Our first session will be September 20th. All Teens attend, even if you go to a Catholic H.S., please join in.

The PARISH SCHOOL of RELIGION (PSR) –     All Catholic children attending public schools should include in their academic year study materials to grow in faith. Please contact our parish office 330-253-5161 for more information, resources, and materials.

St. Bernard children are also accepted at St. Vincent Parish for their Sunday morning PSR program. Their classes begin Sunday, September 27th if this is more convenient.

2015 SPRING SESSION – Our children who celebrated the Sacrament of Reconciliation in July have begun their preparations for First Communion on December 12, 2015. Please pray for them.


Confirmation Preparation

CONFIRMATION – The Bishop’s Office has set the date to celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation at St. Bernard for candidates from both parishes. Bishop will confirm any prepared candidate in High School or older on Saturday, February 6, 2016 during the 4:30pm Vigil Mass. Please call the parish offices to register for the preparatory sessions and for more details, 330-253-5161.


BI-LINGUAL PSR – Our children who recently celebrated the Sacrament of Reconciliation have begun their preparations for First Communion on December 12, 2015. Please pray for them.


FALL PSR Registration will begin September 1st for those seeking First Reconciliation and Eucharist.


CONSOLING THE HEART OF JESUS – A book retreat by Fr. Michael Gaitely is held on Thursdays at 6:30pm in the Parish Social Hall. Books and materials are provided. All are welcome to attend or read along. Participants meet through Oct. 29.

RAYS OF MERCY– The Cenacle of Divine Mercy will meet Fridays at 3:00 pm. In the Upper Room, bilingual, also Sunday, September 13 in St. Bernard History Room, at 3:00pm. All are welcome.


SHARE THE WORD OF GOD – 2nd and 4th Tuesdays at 7:00pm in the Upper Room of the church. Scripture Readings and shared reflections on how God is active in our lives. Concludes with shared prayer petitions. All are welcome to attend, participate, or to just listen. “Let the Word of Christ, rich as it is, dwell in you”. Col.3:16


  1. JOHN XXIII (Juan XXIII) – is a bilingual prayer, study, and support group of the parish that meets each Saturday at 10:00am in the Upper Room of the church. All are welcome to join in prayer for the Church and the concerns of all.


The Knights of Columbus

are an active and integral part of our St. Bernard Parish. They meet here monthly and are open to men who want to be part of the Catholic charitable organization. For more information on our Council 547, please contact the parish office.


DISCIPLES FOR THE DYING – The next First Friday Mass will be held on September 4, at 12:10 pm, St. Bernard church. All are welcome.


  1. BERNARD NIGHT AT BLOSSOM – Come hear world-renowned Wynton Marsalis performing “Swing Symphony” with the Cleveland Orchestra. It’s August 29th; we’ll be in the pavilion rear rows.


PIPE ORGAN – Donations may be made to the St. Bernard Memorial Trust Fund or Clarence Bechter’s Climb to the Top in today’s bulletin.




(People tell me they are approached in the parking garage and worse, inside the church, for a handout. It can be intimidating and frightening for some. We are aware of the number of people in need, and we try to respond. But, panhandling on or around church property is not permitted. If you do not know what to say, please insist that the person come see me at the office. Do not give them money. I share the following article found at another parish. Italics are mine. Thank you, Fr. Dan)

“In the rare instance that you are panhandled anywhere on the property, please do not, for any reason, give money. For 30 years our 3 Hunger Programs have been able to take care of anyone in need of emergency food. The dangers of giving out money are these: 1) it creates an ever-increasing number of panhandlers, making it hard to get into church; 2) the most easily intimidated and vulnerable are often the targets; and 3) the money will not be used for the purposes for which it is asked. Please trust the parish on this point, that giving money undermines our sincere help for those who are on the street struggling with addictions. If you feel the need to give because you want to help the poor,volunteer at or donate to our Hunger Programs that help people who are struggling.”

All St. Bernard Liturgical Ministers





A Day of Recollection


Jeanne Marie Miles

Diocesan Director of the Office of Worship

for our

Eucharistic Ministers – Readers – Servers – Ushers

A & E Team – Choirs – Sacristans

will include Lunch and the Vigil Mass