Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council is an advisory board to the pastor and councilors serve generally a 2-year term. Please know councilors are available to respond to your concerns and suggestions for the parish between sessions.  Pastoral Council is held the Second Monday of the month (except July). Council sessions are open to observers, and time is allotted for visitor’s comments and concerns before adjournment.

The current members and the Weekend Mass they usually attend, are:
Monica Anda (12:00pm Bilingual)
Clarence Bechter (4:30pm Saturday)
Terina Behrend (10:00am or 8:00pm)
Katie Brumbaugh (8:00pm University)
*Kathleen Considine (10:00am)
Gary Geis (12:00pm or 8:00pm)
Tom Hollingsworth (8:00pm)
Will Jendrisak (10:00am)
DonnaMarie Kaminsky (10:00am)
Kathy Karas (10:00am)
Jay Mitzel (10:00am)
Michele Schmidt (10:00am and 12:10pm Daily)

* Council Secretary

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