Pastoral Staff

St. Bernard Pastoral Staff

Rev. Fr. Daniel J. Reed, Pastor, ext. 27 (español)

Rev. Fr. Frank Basa, Senior Parochial Vicar, ext. 13

Deacon Ramon J. DiMascio, ext. 15
Contact Deacon Ray regarding RCIA, Baptism Preparation;
Annulments; Catechesis for Young Adults;
and Sponsor Couples

Cheri Colianni, Business Manager, ext. 16
Contact Cheri for all accounts,
business agreements, and parishioner donations.

Jim Kintz, Parish Organist, ext. 25
Contact Jim in preparation for your wedding, choirs, cantoring
at Masses.

Nancy Aquilla, Spanish Assistant, ext. 15 (español)
Contact Nancy for Hispanic news, such as
bulletin articles, religion classes, scheduling events.

Will Jendrisak, Maintenance Department
Ralph Reese, Custodian
Contact Will or Ralph regarding plant operations, repairs, and improvements

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  1. A few days ago i registered to authorize donations from a credit card. Today I could not reenter your website for this business. You would not recognize my e-mail address. Also I get into your web site using .org or ,com, why is this ? Another time I tried to enter your web site I got a message that it was an unsafe web site. It seems there is a problem with your donations software, or something is wrong, what is it.?

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