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View The Images of St. Bernard Church Album

Images of St. Bernard Church

This gallery has a collection of photos of our beautiful St. Bernard church.

View The St. Bernard Christmas 2009 Album

St. Bernard Christmas 2009

Images of St. Bernard during Christmas. Photography by Dennis Roliff (

View The 2010 Parish Picnic Album

2010 Parish Picnic

Fun was had by all at first annual picnic of St. Bernard-St. Mary parish

View The Summit Choral Society Christmas 2013 Album

Summit Choral Society Christmas 2013

Photos Courtesy of Paul Ferrer

View The Pilgrimage to Windsor Album

Pilgrimage to Windsor

Son en un camapo de Windsor, Ohio. La estatua es de 50 pies. La misa tenia grupos de Detroit, Michigan; de Columbus, Ohio; y nosotros de Akron.

View The St. Bernard School 1887-2014 Album

St. Bernard School 1887-2014

Below are some photos of the razing of St. Bernard's Schule beginning with the 1887 Cornerstone. The first strike was at 8:00am on Friday, March 28 and the building was down at 10:10am Tuesday, April 4, 2014. Our prayers and gratitude to Almighty God for the teaching ministry of the Dominican Sisters of Akron, for the guidance of former pastors, and for the many devoted parents who formed generations of childern that considered St. Bernard School their Alma Mater. Our THANKS to the many parishioners who donated to "Rooted in Faith - Forward in Hope" to achieve this expansion of our lot. The children who went to the school have some how gotten older and will appreciate a closer parking facility to the church. Click on a photo to enlarge the image.

View The Holy Land Pilgrimage 2016 Album

Holy Land Pilgrimage 2016

Photos of our recent pilgrimage to the places where Jesus lived, walked, preached, healed, died and rose from the grave. No other place in the world can claim or provide this incredible journey.