Congratulations on your Engagement!


We look forward to preparing you for married life and praying for you on your wedding day.  Sacraments are celebrated in a Church; that is, in your parish Community.   Traditionally a wedding occurs in the parish church of the bride or her parents where they reside and/or are involved, but it can also occur in that of the groom. 

We receive many requests for a wedding, but can no longer accept them all.  We kindly invite you to contact the St. Bernard Parish office, IF: 

1) You reside in the Parish.  A pastor is assigned to celebrate the Sacraments and care for the souls of the people who actually have a home, eat meals, sleep, celebrate birthdays, etc. in their house on a street in the territorial Parish.   So, if you live in the parish, are Catholic and now engaged, please call your parish office at least six months prior to your intended wedding date.  We have information to help you prepare for your married life and to personalize the Church’s prayer for you on your wedding day.  We look forward to celebrating your wedding and even more – to supporting your marriage.


2) You (or your family) volunteer here on a regular basis.  Many of you do not live downtown, but are known by the pastor, staff, and parishioners because of your ongoing support and volunteer involvement in one or more ministries of this parish community.  If this is the case, please call.  I will do what I can for you because you have responded to the mission and work of this Church in downtown Akron. 

We appreciate your understanding to our limits, and wish you the best in your marriage preparations. 

  • Fr. Daniel J. Reed, Pastor

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